Verve GoodLife Promo: Changing Negative Perceptions

Verve GoodLife Promo: Changing Negative Perceptions

Trust is a very scarce currency in the country today. There are daily stories of scams and scammers to scare even the strongest of hearts. So, people have learnt to be wary. This must have weighed heavilyon Mrs Safinat Umar’s mind when she got a call, out of the blues,telling her she won the grand prize of the Verve GoodLife Promo.

Mrs. Safinat Umar is a small-scale business owner who lives in Kano with her husband and three children. Her first reaction on receiving the call of her win was that of disbelief; “how, what promo?” She knew she had not participated in any promo. Then came what seemed to settle it for her that was too good to be true: Mrs. Umar, the caller informed, was expected to come to Lagos for the presentation ceremony with any member of her family, all-expense paid. 

For starters, she did not subscribe to any promo.

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