East Africa

Tanzania: Media Law Muzzles Free Speech

[DW] A new law in Tanzania has placed strict controls on cooperation between local and international media outlets. The change enforces the government view that any differing opinion should be punished, says Mohammed Khelef.Read More

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Africa: U.S. Ambassadors and African Diplomacy

[Council on Foreign Relations] Washington, DC — In most African countries, the U.S ambassador plays a crucial role in managing the U.S. bilateral relationship with the host country. Hence, the importance of the arrival in Tanzania of Dr. Donald J. Wright, MD. He presented his ambassadorial credentials to President John P. …

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Ethiopia: Decisive Campaign for Safety Reopening

[Ethiopian Herald] For the last five months, Ethiopia has been on partial lockdown aimed at stemming COVID-19. Appreciably, the country has so far succeeded in enlarging national COVID-19 testing and quarantine centers.Read More

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