Tangerine Life partners with M.I Abaga to raise relief

<p class="">To be a part of the programme, all one needs to do is pick up any Tangerine Life insurance form. </p>

<h1>Nigerian insurance company, Tangerine Life, has announced a partnership with musician, M.I. Abaga, to provide relief for Nigerians over the coming months by providing financial support for as many as possible over the coming months in keeping with the now-iconic “no one is left behind” slogan. </h1>

<p class="">The fund, named <strong>Project Life</strong>, is in response to the effect of the protests and its aftermath on the lives of regular Nigerians across states and industries. The motivation is clear: reaching out to vulnerable Nigerians. And Tangerine Life has pledged N2 million to the fund to kick it off before opening it up to the public to seek more help. </p>

<p class="">In an announcement video circulated online, the rapper and political activist said: <em>“I have called on my friends at Tangerine Life. Together we are going to support the victims of this tragedy, starting with a fund of 2 million naira. We cannot do this alone, so we need your support. We cannot take away the pain of loss, all we can do now is rebuild as one.”</em> </p>

<p class="">MI similarly expressed that it was important for the community to band together after such a transformational experience that united people across social strata, works of life, belief, and age. <em>“I would really love for you to be a part of the Tangerine Life initiative</em>,” he concluded. </p>

<p class="">To be a part of the programme, all one needs to do is pick up any Tangerine Life insurance form. Having done that, the company will match up to 50% of the value of what people pay and put it into the Project Life fund that will be distributed to people across the nation. </p>

<p class="">Additionally, with this option, people can protect themselves and their loved ones with life insurance, while also helping others who are dealing with loss with a plan as low as <strong>N950</strong>.</p>

<p class=""><strong>TO JOIN PROJECT LIFE CLICK </strong><a href="https://tangerinelife.com/project-life/" id="ed818f59-785a-4006-977e-0954f553be97"><strong>HERE</strong></a><strong>.</strong></p>

<p class=""><strong>YouTube Link</strong></p>

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