Runtown says ‘Mad Over You’ was a gift and a curse,’

Runtown also spoke about the reasons for the conscious direction to his music.

On Sunday, January 10, 2021, Nigerian singer, Runtown will join Cuppy on ‘Africa Now,’ a show on Apple Music Radio.

During the show, he will talk about how his 2016 smash hit, ‘Mad Over You’ was a blessing and a curse.

Mad Over You (Official Music Video) – Runtown

On the song, which many consider to be Africa’s biggest of 2016, Runtown says, “’Mad Over You,’ it’s really that song as a gift and a curse at the same time. It’s that song that just changed everything, not just for me, but for the whole industry. So you now have to not necessarily live up to that, but a lot of people expect you to have another ‘Mad Over You.’ You know me very well. I love being diverse with the sound, but ‘Mad Over You’ taught me a lesson.”

“Most of the songs I dropped then didn’t make it to any album. So it taught me that I needed to focus on a body of work. So that’s why I kind of paused then I dropped ‘Tradition,’ the body of work. So this body of works that are very, very, very key in your career is a story.”

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Runtown also spoke about the reasons for the conscious direction to his music. He says, “If you notice for my newer releases, if you really pay attention to this, I had to go deeper in the message. I had to be more conscious in the music. Not just conscious in a borrowing way, conscious in a way you’re turning up the act, you’re remembering, all right, you got signed.”

Tune in and listen to the full episode this Sunday, January 10th at 2p Lagos/London / 3p Johannesburg/Paris / 6a LA / 9a NYC on Apple Music 1 HERE.

Watch ‘The Making’ of the song below;

The Making; How Runtown Made ” Mad Over You ” | Pulse TV

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