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Requirements for Online advertising placement:
To advertise with us, all adverts materials must be delivered via electronic medium, preferable through e-mail. You have 2 possible options to place your online advertising order. You can instantly apply online or download the adverts-form below, fill it and send it back to us per email. All files should be in JPEG, GIF or PNG format. We can also design your banners, videos or animations for you, if you so wish. Click here to see other types of online advertisement we offer.

Banner Types and Sizes

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Other types of online advertising services we offer are:

  • Native advertising. This term is associated with more unconventional online advertising. In other words, it uses a strategy which shies away from banner formats or sponsored content in an attempt to win a user’s trust by offering them solutions to their problems…
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing). With this type of campaign, the goal is to achieve increased brand awareness in a very short amount of time.
  • Display. Among the more ‘visual’ online advertising formats are display ads. They are called this because they, generally, contain images or videos and are published on designated places within any given website. It could be a blog, journal or a site aimed at a specific group. The purchase can be direct or through platforms such as Google Adwords. The cost is estimated by way of CPC or CPM…
  • Mobile advertising. Although there are many formats of mobile advertising, it’s recommended that all advertising campaigns should also be adapted to mobile platforms or at least follow a responsive typology which allows for pages to be formatted to the size of any given screen.
  • Social Ads. Social media is an incredibly important part our everyday lives; it is made up of channels through when people connect multiple times a day and where they frequently communicate, share and give opinions. Creating ad campaigns on these platforms, therefore, is necessary for generating brand awareness and for acquiring potential new clients…
  • Retargeting and Remarketing. Reminding repeat customers/users who have shown interest in your company is a solid strategy for making conversions. Remarketing works to make your banner appear on the whichever website those who have previously visited your website are actively visiting (provided that these sites offer remarketing spaces)…
  • Email Marketing. This format of marketing isn’t anything new but it has resurfaced with a renewed potency. This type of campaign yields among the highest numbers of conversions in Europe. Thanks to the many automatization tools available, you can achieve highly profitable conversion goals…
  • Videos. Video content is an incredibly entertaining resource for users. This being said, using videos as an advertising strategy is an fantastic idea. Furthermore, by sharing these videos, you can gain more direct web traffic and increase your chances of one or more of them going viral.

For more inquiry, contact us with following info:

Phone: 0816 6841 549