How To Write Study Abroad Essay In 2019: Guide To Study Abroad Essays

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on November 10, 2019


How To Write Study Abroad Essay In 2019: Guide To Study Abroad Essays.

After writing an article on Guide to scholarship essays in 2019, we have been prompted by popular demand to create a similar and resourceful article on How To Write Study Abroad Essay In 2019. For those seeking to study abroad in any country, this is a great blueprint on how and where to get started. The full details on How To Write Study Abroad Essay In 2019 has been outlined below.

How To Write Study Abroad Essay In 2019

How To Write Study Abroad Essay In 2019

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How To Write Study Abroad Essay

The ecstasy of studying in a foreign country, learning new ideas, meeting opportunities, making new friends, traveling, learning other people’s languages, customs, and traditions can be quite an exciting and wonderful adventure in the life of a student. Saint Augustine rightly put it thus, “the world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page”.

Most students will jump at the slightest chance of going abroad to study, unfortunately, not everyone is privileged to cover the expenses involved. There are study abroad programs given out by some educational institutions in most of these countries, it could be part- study abroad or fully-paid- study abroad programs. To become part of such (a) school(s), the prospective candidate is faced with the task of convincing the jury through a perfectly-written study abroad essay. It requires brilliance, intelligence, luck and a high penchant personality to show that you deserve that monetary investment in your education. Remember that many other students are also trying to get their studies financed abroad also.

Getting selected for studying abroad in your preferred educational institution, standing tall among your other prospective students and having an edge over your contemporaries, you will need to deliver a good, impactful and insightful composition of study abroad essay.

Below are few steps to follow to write a fascinating and captivating study abroad essay:

  1. Draft All of Your Study Abroad Expectations Before Writing the Essay

The very first thing to do is to sketch exactly what you will cover in your study abroad essay. Just picture yourself being in the destination study abroad country. What would you be doing when you are there? What would be your expectations, would you be able to adapt to the basic things like climate, culture, tradition, etc. there? Also, how would you make the most of your experience when you get there to study or while you stay there? And, what would you gain from your study abroad essay experience in your destination country? You need to firstly sketch these and rehearse them before moving to write your introduction which should be good and really captivating.

  1. Write a Good, Captivating, “Summarized” Introduction

A good study abroad essay introduction is a pilot which would set your essay in the right direction of the. As a matter of fact, it should be engaging, so that the reader would be interested to proceed to read the rest of your study abroad essay.

Your introduction should begin with good reasons behind why you decide to go to your destination country to study. It should capture about what inspired you to choose a study abroad program in that country and what was behind your motive behind such choice or decision. Also, in your essay introduction, describe clearly what you stand to benefit from doing a study abroad program in a country that is totally different from your present country or learning environment. That is what makes your destination so special and different from where you are presently?

Now that you have summarized everything about your study abroad aims, and expectations, it’s time to expand on these in the body of your essay. So, do these:

  1. Give Reason Why You Choose To Study In That Country.

The question gives you an opportunity to explain what attracted you to such a country to study in their institution of higher learning. That is, what excites and interests or governs your choice of that country and school. This is because the jury wants to know if you truly care for and understand the journey you are undertaking. This will show that you will not take your study abroad experience for granted and that you already have your mission statement, ready to roll.

  1. Showcase Your Personality

Let yourself shine through, showing some enthusiasm, true strength, skills, and how you have been able to harness them over time. Do not be afraid to get a little personal and let your true colours fly. Be honest and civil. Just be sure to always tie your passions, goals, and dreams back to how this study abroad experience will help you through the rest of your life, that of the destination country, and that of your native country.

  1. Show what Your Academic Goals For A Study Abroad Experience are

This question requires that you give a honest, sincere, and concise response. Your expectations from your career, ambition, and ability to plan ahead should all be encapsulated here. The best way to attempt such a response would be to determine your current academic paths and how this career plays into helping you reach your ultimate goals.

  1. Show How You Would Integrate Your Study Abroad Experience Into Your Life After Your Studies Abroad?

Describe how the experiences you will acquire studying abroad will impact your life, the benefits you will enjoy, the people you will meet from different backgrounds and lifestyles, languages you will learn (which is a great advantage to one’s career in this global economy), and how these experiences will make you to understand and appreciate how people from different cultures approach life, thereby solving life challenges from a wider perspective and/or worldview.

  1. Describe Why You Are the Best or Most Qualified for the Scholarship

Remember the scholarship offer is limited and your chosen program wants to be represented by the best candidate. That is, your scholarship awardees are looking for the best candidate for the scholarship offer. As such, in your study abroad essay, ensure that you state categorically your strengths and inert capacities, mention major academic accomplishments you’ve had, mention emphatically your work experiences, skills you might find useful abroad – which is one of the reasons for vying for studies in the destination country, etc. Also, focus on why granting you the opportunity to study abroad would benefit the destination school and country.

  1. Explain What You Hope To Learn Or Discover In Your Time Abroad

You should explain clearly how studying abroad will enable you to acquire specific kinds of jobs back home (i.e., when you return to your home country). Here, also, you need to state  that to have a balanced knowledge and experience, you will involve yourself in activities that boost foreign exposures, acquired skills even outside of your designated course, learn other peoples’ cultures especially their languages and customs, and that you will use these to help people expand their opportunities back home. By so stating, your scholarship sponsors would be able to see that you’d become a balanced person by the time you’re done with your studies abroad and would be able to contribute these knowledge towards local, national, and international development.

  1. Finish with A Strong Conclusion

It is important to tie together your original points which include but not limited to your genuine reasons for studying abroad, your personality profile, your academic goals for the future and the usefulness of studying abroad all together in a simple, concise, and plain manner. Do not repeat yourself; be sincere and stay true to yourself and your ideas.

  1. Dot Your I’s and T’s

Finally, to avoid typos, mistakes, and errors, re-visit and edit your essay again avoiding all forms of plagiarism in the work. If possible, get someone who is an expert in essay writing and proofreading to have a thorough glance at and scrutinize your study abroad essay to get you a perfectly-written study abroad essay.

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