How to Study Abroad For Free: Tuition Free Education

How to Study Abroad For Free: Tuition Free Education

How to Study Abroad For Free: Tuition Free Education.

How to Study Abroad For FreeThis article seeks to show you how you can and where you can study abroad or outside of your home country without paying any fees. This article will also explore countries that offer tuition-free education at the University level, how you can study for free, free language courses and lots more.

How to Study Abroad For Free

This is important to note that the information in this article might vary depending on country and school. It is, therefore, important to look up for more information on the internet closely related to your choice of study and interest.

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Countries That Offer Free University Education

Schooling in the higher institution can be quite costly especially in the University. Places like the United States and another country that uses the English Language as their main language is well known for this. It should also be known that not all countries have Universities that pay high tuition rates. Low fee rates are really popular in European countries.

European students are benefiting from this because a visa is not required to school in another country in Europe. Examples of countries like this include Austria, Denmark, Greece, Scotland (an exception is made for citizens of the United Kingdom that are not from Scotland), Finland, Sweden but to mention a few.

Free tuition is also made for students that can speak the language of these countries. Countries also offer free education for students that are not from Europe, examples of such country is Finland and Norway.

Another country that offers free education for a non-European student is Germany. They have standard universities and they teach in English too. They take it as a priority to ensure all students are treated the same way. Although tuition fees are not collected in Germany, each student has to pay for an administration which is just a token of €100 to €250 each semester.

Another example of countries that offer cheaper fees is France and Italy. Countries outside of Europe that also provide these services are Argentina and Taiwan. It is important to know that India and Malaysia although may not offer free education but their fee rate is affordable.

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  1. Do University Exchange Programs

This means that if you have a free education in your country on an event of changing University, you will still continue you education for free. Money does not need to be exchanged when doing this.

  1. Go For Full Scholarships And Financial Aid

Acquiring a scholarship is another way of studying outside for free. If the student gets a job at the university he can get a scholarship un to the Masters and Ph.D. level.

These are some potential scholarship options that can be offered:

  1. Business and Hotel Management School (BHMS), Luzern: A scholarship that is about Hospitality and Business. This costs 1000 CHF for the programs offered.
  2. Seattle Central College: This scholarship is based on merit and costs between $750 to $1,500 for each semester.
  3. DreamStudies’ Study Abroad Scholarship: This scholarship enables the students to study in any school that they want. It costs €1500 to €1700.Enroll in Free Language Courses Abroad

The feeling of not understanding a language can be so disheartening. Therefore the easiest way of learning the language is by enrolling in a language school in the country you are in.

Another avenue for studying online for free is to do a language course in a country that supports free language courses for immigrants. In such countries, the language courses are taught in selected universities. So, you could simply enroll into those schools and take advantage of the language courses offered there. It will even be more interesting if you had an original interest in studying such foreign language. If not, you could simply use the free language course window to study in such a country for free.

Naturally, language courses are costly to do and the easiest way to get grounded in a foreign language is to enroll in a private school either in your destination country or home country or get a private teacher to teach you at your convenient location. You may need up to 30 lessons per week to get grounded in a single language course and this takes a lot of time and resources. So, if a school or government opts to offer this for free, you could jump on it and seize the opportunity to visit the destination country to learn the language.

Another way to learn a language course for free is to take advantage of DreamStudies language course by winning its competitions, an example being the one offered at the University of Alicante for Spanish language course.

  1. Apply For Study Abroad Scholarships

There are several study abroad scholarships you can apply for apart from the regular scholarships for studies, scholarships for work on campus, and scholarships to work as volunteer. You can get up to $200 and above and even your entire study funded by a study abroad scholarship such as the hat tip Critical Language Scholarship from the US Department of State.

Winning most of these study abroad scholarships is not always easy. But you can scale through with a captivating study abroad scholarship essay. Another tip is to apply for the scholarship early and also apply for many scholarships, not just one or two.

  1. Crowd-source Funds Online

Imagine you studying but not paying for it! Yes, that is possible by engaging crowd funding mechanisms where people crown-fund your studies abroad. One of the platforms to achieve that is Kickstarter where you can crowd-source your random idea. Another platform is FundMyTravel or GoFundMe where all you do is create a simple online campaign on the websites, upload quality pictures, and inspire or encourage the readers to click the “donate” button. After that, you simply share your link to your friends and family members to do likewise. Chances are that people will donate to your study abroad campaign especially when your intent is realistic enough. That way, you’d be able to raise funds to facilitate your travel, and study in the destination country.

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