Djibouti: Hamdouk Meets With Sudanese Community in Djibouti

Djibouti — Prime Minister Dr Abdallah Hamdouk has presented a detailed briefing about political and economic situations in the country.

Having met Sudanese community in Djibouti within the context of his visit to the Red Sea border country , the Prime Minister indicated efforts of the transitional government to achieve peace, noting that the transitional government program is based on sustainable peace building, addressing the economic crisis , establishment of state and transitional justice institutions and balanced foreign relations considering Sudan’s interests.

He said the transitional government has worked out a program for urgent solution to price concentration and collapse of the national currency.

Dr Hamdouk pointed out that the economic reforms should be made in a safe political climate , indicating that the transitional government and the Central Committee of the Forces of Freedom and Change agreed to hold an economic conference in the coming March to come out with proposals for addressing the economic crisis, how to deal with gold smuggling and rationalization of subsidies.

He stressed that the transitional government is working in full harmony to solve issues of removal of sanctions and settlement of Sudan’s external debts.

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