Comedian Eric Andre: ‘We don’t tell guests a thing …’

Andre’s surreal take on the US chatshow has won him a cult following. Is the mainstream ready for his radical comedy?

There has only been one sketch that Eric Andre couldn’t get past the executives at Adult Swim. The suits didn’t bat an eyelid at Andre interviewing the reality TV star Lauren Conrad with a lipstick swastika on his forehead. No one pulled the plug when he beat up his naked personal assistant in front of Wiz Khalifa. It was all good when he turned up at the 2016 Republican convention and urinated on a banner while shouting “Black Lives Bladder”. Instead, the skit that was deemed too offensive to air was a simple country ditty … dedicated to the global Salafist terrorist network, al-Qaida.

“We had a country singer come in,” explains Andre. “His angle was that al-Qaida has got a ‘bad rap’ in the country community, so we should sing a pro-al-Qaida song. He was like: “Oh, sweet, al-Qaaaaaaaaaida, can’t believe I never tried yaaaaaaaaaah.”

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