Monthly Archives: October 2020

Tanzania’s Magufuli: ‘Bulldozer’ who flattened freedoms

President of Tanzania, John Magufuli Tanzanian President John Magufuli came to power as a no-nonsense man of the people nicknamed The Bulldozer, but along with popular efforts to clean up graft, he has been accused of crushing dissent and stifling democracy. The 61-year-old on Friday won a second term in …

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The shame of gospel

A young Nigerian friend phoned me from the United States to ask an intriguing question: “In all your years of following Jesus, what have you gained?” She was possibly at a crossroad, having a crisis of faith. Probably, she was confronted with the bankruptcy of the prosperity messages prevalent in …

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The Enugu-Okigwe Road accident and will of God

Tribune OnlineThe Enugu-Okigwe Road accident and will of God LAST Thursday, a low-bed articulated vehicle collided with a fully-loaded bus conveying 61 school children and two teachers along old Enugu-Okigwe road, then rammed into a welder’s shop before heading for the bush. Twenty one people, including three siblings, a vulcaniser, …

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